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Neon Spaces

The app provides easy, immediate access to Neon Spaces' internet services, both prepaid and postpaid. It's user-friendly, fast, and reliable, aimed at a seamless experience. The focus is on quick internet access and a smooth-running system, supported by an efficient cloud platform.


We optimized much of the code, creating new features and integrations to streamline operations between the sales and laboratory teams. Additionally, we integrated with various specialized shipping providers. Later, we migrated their frontend from WordPress to Shopify.


Politeia is a new application that allows you to know in a simple, accessible and transparent way the proposals of different Argentine politicians. Includes candidates for president, governors and both senators and deputies.


FASNY, representing 110,000 New York volunteer firefighters, needed a mobile app quickly for their 150th convention. We delivered it in under two months, focusing on essential features and regular updates, demonstrating our proficiency in meeting tight deadlines.


PetsPal app, tailored for pet owners, offers a map for vet and park locations, an e-commerce section for pet food, social profiles for pets, matchmaking for doggie dates, community event planning with geolocation, a chat-enabled event section, pet-related job postings, and an adoption platform

Your Bra Store

Your Bra Store tasked us with developing a WooCommerce-powered e-commerce website, catering to various user needs. We successfully rolled out an MVP for beta testing, focusing on efficient development and strong customer service to meet the client's expectations


Flirc, a home media center product retailer, collaborated with us to migrate their online store to OpenCart and revamp its design. We handled the transition, customized payment systems, and integrated essential services like, ensuring a seamless and efficient e-commerce solution.


EnrichHER offers capital, coaching, and community support to pre-qualified female and founders of color, through partnerships with corporate funds and foundations. They've shifted from third-party tools to our custom-developed financial applications, enhancing daily operations.

Springboard Jobs

Springboard Jobs, a staffing marketplace, engaged us to create a mobile app and backend platform, enhancing their industry reach. From initial sketches to a live app on major stores, we adapted to a tight timeline, delivering a user-friendly solution that streamlines job and employee management


Done is a user-friendly to-do tracker app offering features like task addition and deletion, sorting by date or priority, list or grid views, completion markers, reminders, automatic data backup, and multi-platform availability.

Tutored by Teachers

Tutored by Teachers (TbT) collaborated with TowerHouse Studio to improve virtual learning. We developed separate portals for teachers and students, focusing on ease of use and efficient progress tracking. This practical solution has enhanced the overall effectiveness of their virtual education system.

Cohesion Transport

Institutional site and personal hiring system development for a transportation company.

Enki Rebels

We enhanced a tech consulting firm's services by partnering as their development team, expanding their offerings and strengthening client relationships

Responsible Hearts

For Responsible Hearts, TowerHouse Studio supported the creation of a survey and data analysis mechanism for a cardiovascular risk intervention study in susceptible communities.

Geo Energy

GeoEnergy asked us to create a suite of websites that adhere to their brand guidelines and company values.


Zently Workplace is a fun and accessible workplace program that connects employees with the power of mindful movement, breath, restorative practices, and more.

Insurance Brokers of Arizona

Insurance Brokers of Arizona chose us to streamline their Salesforce processes, enhancing efficiency and sales. Our comprehensive service—from design to launch—has notably increased their team's productivity and revenue. Our effective communication and tailored solutions have been pivotal in achieving these results

MPOWER Financing

We developed a mobile-friendly web application with a customized Salesforce backend, tailored to fit their unique business model. This allows all business units to manage operations directly through Salesforce.

CGIAR - GDI Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a one-stop shop for all things relating to GDI at CGIAR, including training, toolkits, best practice guidance notes, policies and practices.


For Vitapp's virtual medical service, TowerHouse Studio enhanced backend functionalities to support patient health habits, risk reduction, and early detection. We also developed an analytical dashboard for medical providers, integrated data pipelines, and enabled mobile-accessible health surveys.

Concierge Club

Concierge Club, offering VIP services, features a custom e-commerce solution we developed using Laravel and integrated with Stripe, simplifying service access and transactions for members


Cennarium, a leader in global performing arts content, utilized our expertise for digital enhancements. We developed a rapid-deployment streaming feature for a major festival and revamped their website with WordPress, integrating Vimeo, Salesforce, and Stripe. This bolstered their digital presence and operational efficiency in the performing arts arena

Stephen Marley Music

Stephen’s website was a project that allowed us to work with a focus on visual design and impact. The objective was creating a web for fans, showing his bio, music, and also his news, and concert agenda.


Pitchtime is the most professional solution to sell direct to customers through video online.

For this project, we developed a custom WordPress template with HTML/CSS and Advanced Custom Fields.

This query returned zero results, but our coding skills are limitless. Browse our other projects or contact us to discuss how we can develop a bespoke solution for your unique needs.

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"TowerHouse was the only vendor who provided a proposed technical architecture and had done research on the API documentation that we planned to utilize. Their communication was amazing and insanely responsive.
I absolutely loved working with them."

Teddy Kramer
CEO, Neon
"Whats most impressive to me about Towerhouse Studio is how they've developed a deep understanding of not just my software needs, but also my business objectives. Without their guidance, our platform would have been a far inferior product."

Jesse Jacobs
CTO Lightbox Search
"TowerHouse Studio built the web platform of my dreams. It’s better than what I ever could’ve imagined. What I really love is having the ability to scale; it’s perfect as my MVP.  
I could not speak more highly of their project management style. It’s so efficient, streamlined, and on point.
They accurately communicate what they’re doing and how, and they make it clear to a non-technical founder.
I’m looking forward to working more with TowerHouseStudio; when I recently saw their design for the potential app, I teared up."

Lisbeth Janelle
CEO & Co-Founder Zently Workplace

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