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"They are a brilliant and talented team, their advice has been fundamental for us."
Dr. Roshawnna Novellus
Founder & CEO EnrichHER

We wanted to automate and streamline our process, before working with TowerHouse we were using excel sheets and type forms.

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Dr. Roshawnna Novellus
Founder & CEO EnrichHER
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Financial Services
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Atlanta, Georgia
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The Client

EnrichHER connects pre-qualified companies led by women and founders of color to capital, coaching, and community so they can take their businesses to new heights.

When we first approached TowerHouse Studio, we were looking for a team that could partner with us long term, our process so far was very manual, we used excel sheets, type forms and zappier.

We found TowerHouse by recommendation of a business owner that had worked with them in the past and spoke highly of they capabilities, that is why I decided to reach out, and the rest is history.

The Approach

They have a methodical approach to solving problems, we were assigned a dedicated team of three developers and one quality assurance person. We had a weekly meeting to sync and they worked in two week sprints.

I remember they suggested a daily meeting as something that was standard to their way of working, but I had some time contrains and other responsibilities as CEO, so I could only meet once a week, those meetings helped me a lot to see what was being done and plan accordingly


They manage to optimize our day to day operations, remove most of the overheads.

Today we have an online application that can qualify leads on the fly, reducing the manual work that was needed before. And all the information flows to a CRM where we can manage the entire user state, approve and deny applications and see transaction history, we can even fetch the user's bank information.

These automations and processees they put in place are key to reduce overhead and operative expenses.


TowerHouse Studio was hired by this Fintech company to automatize and optimize their operations. The client was impresed by the teams capabilities in solving problems.

The end result managed to achieve the original goal as well as reducing operational cost.


EnrichHER uses the latest technology, take a look at some of the frameworks and libraries we used.

Serverless framework

By using the serverless framework we managed to support scale and at the same time reducing costs involved in using dedicated virtual servers

Zoho CRM

We decided to use Zoho CRM as our centralized operations center, with this we saved our client thousands of dollars by using a robust solution that can compete with the industry leaders

Amazon Web Services

Leveraging the power of AWS to support scalability and stability

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