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We're a consumer electronics company that creates products for media center environments.

"My day to day operations rely upon some of the software they helped create."
Jason Kotzin
CEO Flirc Inc.

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Jason Kotzin
CEO Flirc Inc.
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Consumer Products
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Santa Clara, California
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The Client

I run a small consumer electronics company that creates products for media center environments.

We faced a number of problems with projects in the past. Our previous e-commerce platform changed its terms of service and pricing model, and we wanted help evaluating other options.

The Approach

I’m friends with a software director at a large company. I asked him his opinion, and he highly recommended them. They’ve lived up to his recommendation. This is an ongoing, years-long partnership.

They brought back a list of platform options for us, based upon our requirements. Those included various extensibility options and addons. The platform had be customizable to our needs. Some of the specific problems and tasks within that project were not intuitive, but they found the best option to suit our storefront and website needs.

We’ve worked together over several years building our storefront and modules. Those include solutions to maintain distributors and customer lists, and plugins for various websites. They work in HTML5 and Javascript, and have extensive full stack knowledge. They built the frontend UI [User Interface] onto the MySQL custom backend. We’ve also played with October CMS. Our next project will use more Javascript and Node.JS to develop a custom electron application.

They have several people working behind the scenes. I interface with members of their management, and each project has between two and ten team members, depending on the breadth.


I’ve given them the creative opportunity to solve problems, and they did so without needing guidance or micromanagement from me. They use the Jira bug-tracking utility to identify problems, and outline the schedule through Scrum. We have weekly or biweekly conference calls and touch base on existing issues, but most of their team management is internal on their side. I’ve never had an issue communicating with project leaders; their English is phenomenal.

Their creative problem solving is a major asset. Some consultation firms need to have every detail outlined. Towerhouse is the only company I’ve worked with that is able to come up with solutions entirely on their own. Financially, they’re also extremely reasonable for the talent they provide.

Their execution is amazing, and they have been an invaluable partner. Our launch was flawlessly successful, and my day to day operations rely upon some of the software they helped create.


The new launch proved successful, and TowerHouse has become an invaluable partner. Their creative problem solving requires little to no supervision, and can function autonomously outside of regular meetings.


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