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A web platform that incentivizes engagement in online programming using social impact.

"TowerHouse Studio built the web platform of my dreams."
Lisbeth Janelle
CEO & Founder Zently Workplace

We do mindfulness and positive leadership for corporations.

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Lisbeth Janelle
CEO & Founder Zently Workplace
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Hospitality & leisure
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Houston, Texas
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The Client

We're changing the way we work together through mindfulness-based leadership tools. Enhancing productivity, positivity, and community through positive leadership, corporate mindfulness programs, and coaching.

At Zently, we believe presence drives innovation. Our mindfulness practices will calm your mind and enhance your work productivity.

The Approach

We were building a web platform that incentivizes engagement in online programming using social impact.

We wanted to deliver content in an easy, accessible, bare-bones way to employees. It needed to track points as a user interacts with the technology and then convert those points into dollars to charity

TowerHouse Studio provided front- and backend design services for the app. I gave them super basis wireframes to start from — pictures of drawings using poster board and markers. They then converted into a fully-fledged application that uses AWS. TowerHouse Studio provides additional support and ideas for future gamification as I move through funding rounds.

They were the only developer I could find that understood working with organizations that deal with social impact. I requested on a social impact alumni group, and a project manager who had worked with TowerHouseStudio on a few projects referred us to them.


I could not speak more highly of their project management style. It’s so efficient, streamlined, and on point. Moreover, the team is so patient with me. They never make me feel like I’m frustrating them. They also can explain things in a way that made perfect sense to me even as a non-technical founder. That’s allowed me to accurately convey how I could scale as I raise funds for the next stages.

TowerHouse Studio built the web platform of my dreams. It’s better than what I ever could’ve imagined. What I really love is having the ability to scale; it’s perfect as my MVP. The feedback we’ve gotten has been positive. They’ve loved its simplicity and ease of formatting. I’m looking forward to working more with TowerHouse Studio; when I recently saw their design for the app, I teared up.

I’m a person who loves to give constructive feedback, but I truly don’t have any for TowerHouse Studio. Their professionalism and commitment have been the highest I’ve ever experienced. I was surprised by how easy the process has been. Everyone prepped me for difficulty and warned me of their own problems with developers, but I did not experience that at all.

To any person reading this and considering working with TowerHouse I would advice to be completely honest with yourself and with TowerHouse Studio about your capabilities. Convey your time commitments and biggest pain points with absolutely no ego. A lot of times, I feel like people hesitate to talk to developers because they don’t want to be taken advantage of. This is not the case with TowerHouse. They want to help you so badly, and there’s honesty and integrity in their service.


The web platform exceeded the client’s expectations in the design’s simplicity, leading to more work for TowerHouse Studio. The team shows a high level of patience in explaining their processes and technical concepts in layperson’s terms. Their professionalism and speed also stand out.


Zently was created with the latest technology, take a look at some of the frameworks and libraries we used.

React Native

React Native allowed us to optimize development time by creating a single code base for both iOS and Android

Laravel admin

We've created a Laravel admin and API, enables users to share information across devices.

Amazon Web Services

Leveraging the power of AWS to support scalability and stability

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