Springboard Jobs

A platform for qualified employees to connect with companies needing temporary and permanent workers across multiple industries within the United States.

Ken Pomella
Chief Executive Officer - RevStar Consulting

By giving employees control of their careers while providing qualified, ready-to-work professionals for employers, we’re building an unstoppable workforce that works for both parties.

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Ken Pomella
Chief Executive Officer - RevStar Consulting
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Tampa, Florida
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The client

Springboard Jobs is a staffing marketplace that bridges the gap between employers and employees across manufacturing, day labor, hospitality, food service, and more.

By giving employees control of their careers while providing qualified, ready-to-work professionals for employers, it's building an unstoppable workforce that works for both parties. Springboard solves a common problem that is hindering work in too many places. Companies are looking for help, and people are looking for jobs. But for various reasons, the search for both parties can be long and hard. It is built based on many years in the staffing industry, on understanding how the gig economy is changing today's workforce and previous success at creating a platform for matching employers and workers in the healthcare industry.

Springboard leaped from old-school staffing to a tech-enabled approach that enables employee-employer matches on an exponentially larger scale.

The Approach

We had an initial idea and some hand-drew mockups of what we wanted. During our first meeting, they suggested starting with their Product Discovery service, which was perfect for us at that project stage. Once we finished that milestone, we had a detailed document of what the application would do and a beautiful design. They took my sketch and were able to capture and understand my vision perfectly. Once they had the requirements document and the design for the app, we moved to the actual development of the platform. Their communication style is what impressed me the most. I was always in the loop, and we had weekly meetings where they showed me demos and videos of the progress. They helped me define the next steps as we finished different milestones.

The Outcome

We had a tight schedule, but they managed to make good on their promises and the original timeline. Sure we had to adjust during development and replace a few features with others. Still, they were flexible enough to re-estimate and update the project planning. Today, we have a great application live in both the App Store and the Play Store, and we can continue our focus on marketing and add more features to it.


The team faced a very tight deadline and was able to develop a complex mobile application tied with an even more complex backend and admin platform. This platform enables the client to manage the entire Job and Employees flow effortlessly.


Springboard Jobs was created with the latest technology, take a look at some of the frameworks and libraries we used.

React Native

React Native allowed us to optimize development time by creating a single code base for both iOS and Android


We created the entire backend system using NestJs with allowed us to build an efficient and scalable application

Amazon Web Services

Leveraging the power of AWS to support scalability and stability

Let's get started

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