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A tech consulting company was looking for a development partner

"They wanted me to understand the problem so that they can help me find and develop a solution."
Ali Birouti
Managing Director Enki Rebels

We’re a strategy and technology solutions consulting company

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Ali Birouti
Managing Director Enki Rebels
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The Client

We’re a strategy and technology solutions consulting company, and we provide our services to startups and small businesses to help them scale and digitally transform.

We needed someone to help us provide web development and design services for our clients.

The Approach

I've known their team since 2016 when I was looking for a development partner. I had just started my own company and I directed Towerhouse Studio to my clients who had smaller businesses or startups.

We partnered with Towerhouse Studio as our technology provider to provide our clients with web development solutions. We started all our projects with a document that describes our business context, goals, and key objectives. We go through it in detail and once we’re done discussing the needs, we move on to the development and basically break down the objective into smaller objectives — this made key goals achievable throughout the development.

One particular project we did was for an online education company, and what we did for them was transform their code-based page into a WordPress platform. This enabled them to update their own content without having to input any code. Apart from that, we provided some security measures, as well as maintenance work to fix a lot of the site’s issues.

Throughout the partnership, we worked with Diego (CEO), Simon (CTO), and a lead developer on a daily basis.


They were great from a project management standpoint, and one thing I really valued about them was how they utilized sprints in the development process. For other development teams I’ve worked with in the past, sprint is just a buzzword — but for Towerhouse Studio, they took it seriously, so we actually accomplished our tasks within a timetable.

We typically communicated through Slack and had meetings on Zoom to plan our projects. We then use JIRA to document everything.

What I liked most about them was that they challenged the objectives. They didn't look to me for a solution, they wanted me to understand the problem so that they can help me find and develop a solution. Towerhouse Studio took their time to understand the problems we were facing, and they provided some really good suggestions to challenge my thoughts.

Towerhouse Studio helped me generate over $200,000 in revenue.

Our clients were very happy and they actually understood how things worked, so there was very little hand-holding throughout the development.


Towerhouse Studio helped the client garner over $200,000 in revenue throughout the duration of their partnership. The external stakeholders were satisfied with their work, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the team's collaborative and solutions-based approach.


During our partnership with Enki Rebels we used a wide range of technologies


We migrated the custom code for an education platform into WordPress and enabled the team to have more control over their content


NodeJs allowed us to create an scalable applicacion by using AWS Lambda

Amazon Web Services

Leveraging the power of AWS to support scalability and stability

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