Nearshore App Development: US Quality for About Half the Price

Nearshore App Development: US Quality for About Half the Price

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December 21, 2022
Diego Machado
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If you're like most business owners, you're looking for ways to save money while receiving a great product. In this post, we discuss the benefits of nearshore app development, and how it can help you save significant money while ensuring you receive a first-rate app for your business.

Nearshore app development: what it is and its key benefits.

Nearshore app development is an offshore software development model that involves developers in nearby nations – such as Uruguay – in or near US time zones. By partnering with nearshore development teams, you benefit from the sort of high-quality work associated with excellent US-based developers – for about half the cost.

One of the most notable benefits of nearshore app development is cultural similarity. Uruguay, for example, has a rich culture similar in many respects to North American cultures. As such, Uruguay-based developers understand North American markets better than those based in traditional offshore nations. This can be extremely beneficial when it comes to developing apps that appeal to North American audiences.

Other benefits of nearshore app development include:

Easier communication: Since nearshore developers are in your region, it's much easier to communicate with them than with developers located in other parts of the world. This can save you a lot of time and frustration when developing your app.

Shorter development times: By working with a nearshore team, you're likely to see shorter development time than when work with a team based in another part of the world. That’s because nearshore teams are accustomed to working within the same cultural norms. This means faster communication and fewer misunderstandings.

Lower costs: As we mentioned earlier, nearshore app development is significantly cheaper than traditional offshore app development. Generally, quality nearshore developers cost about 50% less than quality US-based developers.

How a nearshore team helps you save money.

Hiring a nearshore team saves you money in a variety of ways. First, you benefit from reduced labor costs, as nearshore developers typically earn less than their US counterparts. This generally amounts to significant savings over the course of your project. Additionally, by keeping the whole team in sync in or near your time zone, communication delays are generally a thing of the past. Leads times tend to be shorter. And with more productive hours to collaborate on projects as one unit, it’s easier for everyone to achieve their project goals together.

Uruguay is well known for its highly skilled labor force and ranks among the top countries in Latin America for quality software development. Its highly educated and experienced tech talent pool means you benefit from the same high-quality work as US-based developers, but for considerably less cost. 

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What quality of work you should expect from a nearshore team.

With nearshore app development, you can reasonably expect the same high-quality work as that from US-based developers. Nearshore teams are comprised of highly qualified software engineers and developers with the requisite skills and experience to build successful applications. Team members are chosen based on their skills, qualifications, and relevant industry experience, ensuring they have the knowledge and expertise needed to create a well-rounded product that meets your needs.

How to find and hire a good nearshore app development team.

Finding and hiring a nearshore app development team can take a little time, but with the right research, you should be able to quickly find an excellent team for your project. Here are tips on finding and hiring the right nearshore app development team:

By following these tips, you should be able to find and hire a nearshore app development team that meets your needs and delivers quality work for an affordable price. 

Advantages of Uruguay for nearshore app development.

When it comes to app developers, Uruguay is known as a high-value option. On average, Uruguay’s rich tech talent pool costs around 50% less than US-based developers.

The financial savings associated with Uruguay’s nearshore app development teams are a main reason why businesses in the US outsource their work to Uruguay and TowerHouse Studio. With Uruguay’s highly educated and experienced tech talent pool, businesses benefit from the same high-quality work as US-based developers while realizing big savings. And that savings tends to go right to the bottom line. 


Nearshore app development is a great option for businesses that want the same high-quality work as US-based developers, but at a fraction of the cost. Uruguay's well-educated and experienced tech talent pool means you benefit from expertise at a US level, but at a much lower cost. 


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Diego Machado