Make your Salesforce password never expire

Make your Salesforce password never expire

November 29, 2021
Diego Machado
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Salesforce holds invaluable data for your client’s business. You certainly want to follow every rule in the book regarding security – for instance, changing your password regularly. However, when your web app is integrated with the Salesforce account, automatic password expiration can lead to big trouble! The integration won’t work until you set up a new password and update the token on your site. In the meantime, you may lose leads and other information or worse: your entire site may crash. You might want to set the password to never expire. So you go you to Password policies and very sensibly set the User passwords expire in property to “Never expires”.

Salesforce password policies settings page

But this is not enough! This changes the policies to all users. You probably have a different option in your System Administrator profile.

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To solve the problem once and for all:

  1. Go to Setup. And type “profiles” in the quick find box
  2. In System Administrator, you’ll see a read-only and unchecked box for “Password Never Expires”
  3. Clone System Administrator and name it as you like
  4. Check Password Never Expires box and save changes
  5. Log in as another user
  6. Go to Setup / Users and search your own name
  7. Edit. in the Profile drop-down select the profile you just created

Set up your calendar or something to remind you to manually change that password frequently – and update the password and token in all your Salesforce integrations right away!

Diego Machado